Sunday, 22 April 2012

City Chic

It's been a while since my last update but prior to blogging I've been so busy with College and preparations for my further study next year.

Anyways I have decided to start to capture what inspires me in pictures starting with this piece. Every single day I visit somewhere and what an individual is wearing, carrying or walking in catches my eye but I always just let it pass me by. However on a recent shopping trip to Urban Outfitters in Newcastle, a city filled with quirky, innovative british style that I happen to love, I spotted my first city chic trendsetter.

Fitting right in with the various styles of fashion Urban Outfitters has to offer to all those individuals daring to be different my first trend innovator was working busily at the fitting rooms. Being a fashion student at Newcastle college and always appreciating good sense of style I'm always on the look out for new looks that I've never seen before. Inspiration for any future projects that may come my way...and what better way to capture it by taking a picture!

Studying her first year of Menswear fashion at Northumbria University, the essence of her course definitely reflected in her personal style. I got the sense of 80's grunge with the Dr.Martens and the beanie which I thought was such a cool accessory to team with stylish look.

What captured my attention was the all black ensemble. Its probably one, if not my favourite colour for the reason being it goes with everything and I'm sure many of you agree with me out there that black is a classic block shade. The long black cardigan along with the shorts and shirt all complimented one another and gave the look different layers which all worked really well. It is one fashion statement I have not seen in the Northeast before and there is a lot of those out there.

However sometimes many young women who keep up to date with trends sometimes all seem to blend in with one another and you can tell where each of them shop. This trendsetter could have purchased her clothing from various stores, they could be vintage...who knows? Thats why I personally feel her entire look works so well together.

This is just the first of many from Newcastle's most stylish that I'm going to capture so keep checking back to see who's my next city chic trendsetter!


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