Friday, 4 May 2012

You won't believe your Mulberry luck...

Yes check it out! Have you figured it out yet? Its not Mulberry (unfortunately) but its the next best thing from Topshop. This replica satin quilted cross body bag is definitely inspired by bag that is craved by so many. 

On one of my many visits to the high street store the cream/gold and purple print captured my attention and literally before my eyes met the bag for a more inspecting gaze the first word that crazed my mind was 'Mulberry'.

So as a trend spotting sneak I captured a shot of the latest item thats taking on the designer world with giant queues of loyal fashion followers wanting to grab the look a like bag. Plus shaking Mulberry purses to the core as this little gem is only £25.00! An actual total bargain! 

Great for a night out, a shopping trip or just to carry round and fool people your carrying Mulberry there's no reason why you aren't racing to Topshop with credit cards in hand right now and snagging this rare piece for yourself. Go, go, go!